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I'm a multimedia artist who's been creating in various forms all my life. Papier mache is one of my favorites. I love the upcycling, ecofriendly aspect of papier mache and would like to show the world that papier mache can be a sturdy, sophisticated medium that can create beautiful stylish, and even useful things.
Lately I've been into creating pieces that combine papier mache with other materials, (mostly recycled), such as wire, plastic, and metal. Hope to share more here soon!

More about my work here:
facebook: www.facebook.com/createdbyrenee
my webstore: shop.createdbyrenee.com
my shop on Etsy: www.studioRenee.etsy.com
my blog (where I will be sharing some of my own papier mache techniques very soon!): theartofrenee.blogspot.com/

A book on papercraft in which I (AND fellow Papier Mache Resource artist Erika Takacs- find her in the galleries here, too!) am a contributing artist: www.amazon.com/New-Encyclopedia-Origami-Papercraft-Techniques/dp/0762440872
The book features various techniques with paper, including papier mache projects.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces...

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