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faux reed bowl

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"faux reed bowl" by Renee Parker


This bowl is a replication of a Japanese reed bowl. It was created using the strip method, and painted with acrylics to achieve the rich, reddish color of natural reed that has been stained. I drew lines around the interior and exterior to copy the look of the reeds which are joined together to create an authentic Japanese reed bowl, then finished the piece with a high gloss protective coat.



August 13, 2010 at 7:21AM

how did you get your bowl so glossy? i put wood varnish on my bowls and they dont look so glossy.

Renee Parker

Renee Parker

August 19, 2010 at 11:48PM

Hi Kate -
I'm not sure weather they make the glaze I used on this piece anymore. It was called Treasure Crystal Cote, I believe, and I was purchasing it through the Plaid website (they're the company who made it) for a while, because I couldn't find it in stores anymore.
Not sure where you live, but in my area, we have a few major art and craft suppliers, and you can walk into any one of them and find a few different high gloss sealants from which to choose (usually in the section with the paint). I often experiment with different brands and then keep them on hand, knowing which ones will provide the particular finish I want for a piece. Good luck!

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