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Glossary of terms

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  • polystyrene, styrofoam, styropleen

    Lightweight (usually white) expanded foam packing material used to protect delicate objects.

  • emulsion, household latex

    A thick, water-based paint used for painting interior walls in houses.

  • carpenter's glue, elmers, pva

    Strong, white glue sold in builder's merchants or craft shops. Dries clear, is very strong and is waterproof. Children's white glue is not as strong and is not recommended.

  • whiting

    Ground chalk.

  • caulking, jointing compound, polyfilla, spackling

    Decorator's aid used to fill cracks and gaps in walls inside houses. It usually comes in powder form to be mixed with water, but sometimes is ready mixed.

  • masking tape

    Strong, wide non-shiny tape.

  • vaseline

    Petroleum jelly.

  • polyurethane

    Tough varnish suitable for indoor use. Slow drying.

  • ply

    A layer.

  • cling film

    Clear food wrap.

  • awl

    Small pricking tool.

  • washi paper

    Rice paper.

  • gesso

    Base coat that contains gypsum (plaster).

  • celluclay

    Instant papier mache (sold in powder form to which you add water).

  • paverpol

    Sealer used to make objects very hard. Fast drying and water based. Originally only available in Holland but now available in the UK and elsewhere.

  • hydro-stone

    Hydro-Stone is a gypsum cement, which when mixed with other ingredients gives a good strength and resistence to wear.

  • Silicone

    Silicone adhesive/sealants are used to fill gaps such as around a bath or sink. They remain flexible when dry and bond to most surfaces.

  • linseed oil

    Linseed oil is derived from flax and is a major ingredient in a lot of oil paints and varnishes. Raw linseed oil dries very slowly, unlike boiled linseed oil which is simply raw oil with chemical accelerators, called "driers" added. Because boiled linseed oil has a faster drying time, people generally prefer to use this.

  • Napalese cloud paper

    Handmade paper

  • construction paper, sugar paper

    Economical (often coloured) paper suitable for use with paints, crayons, pastels etc.

  • saa paper

    Mulberry paper

  • polycrylic sealer

    Fast drying, clear sealer.

  • plasticine

    A soft, pliable, synthetic, clay-like material. Often used by children and in schools. Non-hardening.

  • LDPE Packaging foam

    Low Density Polyethylene. A high cushioning packaging foam used to protect fragile items such as TVs and computers.

  • Composite material

    Composite materials are materials made from two or more individual materials with vastly different physical or chemical properties.

  • Papyrus

    A thick, paper-like material made from the papyrus plant.

  • Tradename for plaster bandage


  • Tradenames for decorative paper


  • Fantasy designs inspired by 19th Century industrial steam-powered machinery


  • Tradename for oven hardening modelling clay