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Bumble - The Abominable Snowman

Bumble - The Abominable Snowman by Dorothy Pizzuti

Artist and sculptress Dorothy has just turned her hand at papier mache - and what an impressive beast!

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My first papier mache! I got brave and decided to build my favorite Christmas character - The Abominable Snowman (AKA Bumble).

You will need:

- Pieces of scrap wood
- Styrofoam
- Packaging materials
- Cardboard
- Styrofoam chips
- Bubble wrap
- Newspaper
- Masking tape
- Adhesive of choice
- Joint compound
- Carpenters glue
- Paper "clay" (see: Papier mache and paper clay article)

Let's go

1. First step, building the armature. I wanted a sturdy base so I used pine for the legs and feet.

2. I found some popcorn styrofoam that worked great for toes.

3. Stuffing the body. Luckily I save packing materials!

4. More packing materials to build up his back.

5. Rolled cardboard for the arms.

6. Styrofoam popcorn to round out the elbow joints.

7. Bubble wrap to bulk up the arms.

8.You can't see it but I used crumpled newspaper for the palms, styrofoam popcorn for the fingers and nails for the claws, then wrapped it all up in masking tape.

9. Temporary nose carved out of styrofoam.