Piñatas by Rozani Navas-Smith

These easy steps will guide you through the basics needed to complete a generic piñata.

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The Game

The Game
The Game

Alas, it is now ready for bashing. It is the tradition. Think of it as life, death, rebirth or just plain fun! The piñata must be positioned by being suspended from a high place such as an outdoor tree limb or swing set. Yep, all of this work and Pow! Warning... If you do not want to part with your creation, use it as a large ornament and do not read any further.

It begins by dangling the piñata which must be controlled by a person. This controller must pull the piñata up and down in front of the child. It's a hit or miss situation. This is done one child at a time. The child is blind folded and spun around. Then, he or she is allowed to hit the piñata with two or three tries, spinning him around each time. If he is successful the first time, then that's it and he should immediately drop the stick and take off the blind fold. If not successful, everyone else waits their turn.

It is totally up to you. The reason being that once the piñata breaks, they rush in to pick up the candy. Make sure the child has taken off his blindfold and dropped the stick. Do not in any way enter into that area with a stick in motion. Sometimes the child may miss out on the action if his blindfold is not removed right away. It is imperative that participants must keep a safe distance of five feet or so away from the target area. I mean this literally. The piñata is the target and it will be struck very hard, so stay clear. Once it bursts, the candy becomes a free-for-all, so let the children rush in when it is safe. Soon afterwards, the game is over.

Some examples
Some examples

Origins of piñatas

It is my understanding that the Spanish origins are said to be traced back to Catholicism and the act of penitence. The first piñatas in Hispanic culture were made from clay and eventually evolved to paper. It has also been written that beating was symbolically intended to destroy the evil spell of passions or sins. This information has been imparted to me from individuals and also from written text on the world wide web.


Paper - Suggested papers include bleed resistant crepe paper or craft tissue. Flame retarding paper is also available. Check the labels.

Candy - Buy enough candy for everyone but don't overdo it. Supplement candy with trinkets or confetti. Fill with wrapped candy only.

Stick - Decorate by wrapping with colorful crepe paper and gluing it into place. Add long, fringed strips at the top of the stick which will flow in the wind.

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