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Giant head

Giant head by Ricky Patassini

Ricky Patassini was commissioned to make a giant sized head of David Oppenheimer and this is how he did it.

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You will need

- Packaging foam
- Glue gun and glue sticks
- Cords of varying diameters for wrinkles (twine and shoelaces are good)
- Styrofoam balls from hobby shop for eyes
- Packing straw or shredded wood for beard
- Used black shag sweater from the thrift store
- Kraft or other paper


This mask was commissiond by the Oppenheimer group to commemorate David Oppenheimer day in the city of Vancouver.

Gather enough foam. I suggest LDPE packaging foam. This foam is non toxic and odourless, unlike most other foams. It's the type one gets typically in computer boxes. I found that computer stores etc. were more than happy to sell a huge plastic recycling bag for $10 Canadian. The larger the head, the more you need; I found that you will lose a 5th to 1/4 in construction. Another source of foam is drought sealer expanding foam; however, it tends to get a little pricey for large pieces.

Step by step

Create the head template; this will be the rough 3d guide. Normally the cross bar would be eyebrow level, but for my mask I gave him a higher forehead to project leadership qualities.

Create two boxes.

Note: LDPE foam is temperature sensitive and easy to melt, so spread the glue on a stick first, waiting a moment before smearing on the foam.

Be sure to glue with the foam grain facing outwards (embedded strips). This makes carving later much easier.

Glue corner gussets that are the same thickness as the sides. Create panels first then assemble larger sections, making sure to glue the seams on inside, otherwise they can be difficult to cut later.

Here I trimmed the top (this helps to give perspective as to the basic shape), remembering to cut length ways along seams.