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Giant head by Ricky Patassini

Ricky Patassini was commissioned to make a giant sized head of David Oppenheimer and this is how he did it.

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Start to papier mache.

Note: I prefer to use kraft paper, but any paper will do. I also prefer to make my glue hot: 3 parts boiling water to 1 part flour + 1/4 cup salt (adding flour/salt to water slowly mixing using a hand blender). I then papier mache like crazy until the glue cools down (and then I stop!)

The ears are made by gluing foam strips to cardboard shapes. A little trimming with a very sharp blade shapes it nicely. Papier mache with at least one layer before attaching to the head, cutting away as much as needed to create a smooth transition. Hot glue in place and cover with another layer of kraft paper and top layer of clear newsprint.

Here the head is finished. There are 2 layers of kraft paper and one layer of clear newsprint. The beard and mustache have a single layer of kraft paper.

Here I mounted the eyes.

First coat of paint. The beard was covered with glue and packing straw. When dry it was given a base paint coat.

Note: All paint is automotive acrylic.

Glue the hair to the head.

Here the hair is given grey streaks.

His collar is finished using white and black poly sheeting, along with a bow tie.


After his eyebrows are glued on - he is finished!