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Fish Mobile

Fish Mobile by Pun Hui Falkenhainer

An attractive decorative mobile using just clear film, tissue paper and wire.

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Continuing with the same shaped fish, place sides together with the centre hollow. Use Scotch tape along the edges to close them.

Cover with a couple of layers of white tissue paper. Use 50/50 watered down glue. Using a brush or finger tips, dab down on the surface. This will prevent smearing of the paper.

Cut coloured tissue paper in different shapes.

Select the base colour (I chose orange on this one). Cover both sides with glue.

Add cut out shapes and create a nice colourful design. Pencil in eyes lightly on both sides, making sure that they are asymetric. Paint them in. I used black and white acrylic paint.

Making the hanging wire

Use 20" of 18 guage wire for the hanger. About 1/3 of the way down the wire section make a loop (A). Make a ring on both ends (B & C). Do the same to the other wire (D).

Twist open the "C" with just enough space to put in the second wire loop.

Hanging the fish

Use fishing wire (thinner is better) or nylon sewing thread. Tie one end to a fish hook, the other end to the hanging wire loop. I used 2" to 6" lengths on mine.


A different design that you can create
A different design that you can create

Finished Example

Completed Fish
Completed Fish

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