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Fish Mobile

Fish Mobile by Pun Hui Falkenhainer

An attractive decorative mobile using just clear film, tissue paper and wire.

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Fish Mobile

This fish mobile is so light that it will keep moving with the slightest air movement in your
room. Since you are using clear plastic with tissue paper it looks almost transparent.

You will need

- Clear Film (Medium to Heavy weight)
- Scotch tape
- ELMERS or White glue
- Acrylic Paint (White, Black, Blue)
- Colour gift wrapping tissue paper
- 20 guage wire, 28 guage wire
- Small paint brush
- Scissors
- Pliers
- Thin fishing wire or nylon thread

The Pattern


Making the Fish

Print out 4 hard copies of the 4 different fish.

Cut roughly along the outline of your fish, then cut out along the dotted lines in the middle. Make 2 sets of the same shape.

Put a cut out fish on a clear film sheet with masking tape. This will prevent the fish from slipping away from the film.

Close all "V" areas with Scotch Tape.

Make a hook with 1 1/2" of 28 guage wire. Position the hook in the mid section with tape.

Make sure the bottom of the hook is well knotted to prevent it from slipping out.