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I wanted to create a product that crossed ages, but that held its roots in our most natural, basic, primitive, deepest, original, ancestral instincts. Animal and natural symbolism. Why do we connect with certain animals? Why do different animals mean different things to us as a society or us as individuals? Sometimes its joke or ridiculous connection. Sometimes it has deeper roots- and we might not fully understand it ourselves. I revel in that. From cobras and lions to t-rexes and cranes, there is something for everyone.
I use paper maché as a medium that combines the artist’s intent with the attitude of the piece itself. I find that although I might have an idea of what I want a certain animal to indicate or a certain expression I want, in the process, the piece itself begins to form a character- sometimes smirking, sometimes curious, sometimes sad- and as much as I might want to fight it, the piece in the end is a result of both my ideas and the character of the animal piece itself.

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