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Thanks for clicking onto my gallery; I hope you enjoy looking at some of my creations. It's great to be able to showcase my work to potentially so many people.

I've got plenty more work on show on my own website, please take a look. Not so much 'pure' papier mache but lots of mosaic and limited edition prints. It'd be great to hear any comments you might have, just click onto my website and send a message from my 'contact' page.
If you are a gallery, bar or club owner and looking for something which will get your customers talking.. talk to me! I've always thought my work would look great in that kind of environment, in fact, I think my work would work well in many different spaces. Inside a shopping centre, a whole shoal of giant goldfish?! Or in a hospital? If you are, or you know someone who manages a space and can see the potential for my work hanging there, get in contact. Sales pitch over! Enjoy.

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