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Need some help..

#1 2003-01-27 21:38:15


Need some help..

first of all it's a great site!!..

1. i want to make a papermache pulp that will feel and act like ground clay
means that i could make things like teapot with it with out a mold.

2. i was reading in a book called "papermache style" about an oil glaze,
   as a non speaking english person i have no idea what is this, i know     that in ceramics you use glaze but as i understend it's a non burn glaze, where i can buy it and if someone can give me a brand names that i could ask for it cause as i know in my language there is not such a thing.
at first i thoght they talk about varnish but i understand it's something else
if some one have some information about it i would be very thankfull.

thank you and have a good day



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