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smelly sculptures

#1 2002-11-27 11:20:53

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smelly sculptures

my problem is this; I've been using a modelling material made of paper pulp (about70%) and flour (the other 30%) It does the job only it stinks!! I'd rather use flour or something similar rather than wall paper paste or what ever so can anyone help me?



#2 2002-11-28 14:25:47


Re: smelly sculptures

If you use flour then you need to use salt as a preservative.You also need to have it dry quicker.And if using pulp instead of paper strips make sure you do no use thick layers as it takes longer to dry.It is better to build your layers as they dry another tip is to use a paint sealer when you are done to seal out moisture.


#3 2002-11-30 23:48:59

From: Rising Sun Indiana
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Re: smelly sculptures

dear bombadil,
your sculptures sound as if they never dried and are now fermenting or molding. it's clear you've got too much goop in your mix. got to use less of the gloppy stuff. You might try squeezing out the moisture before applying to sculpture. orm and previous advice giver said, using the strip and squeegee method.
If you want to try saving your smelly ones, try putting them in the oven
(I hope they'll fit) at a verrrry low temp for a little while. this might dry them out a bit. If your kitchen starts smelling like baking bread, it's past time to take them out! Good luck,
The River's Daughter



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