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#1 2002-06-01 00:17:07



Hi There,
I look after over 80 children every weekend.
I would love to have papier mache mask ready for them to paint each week.
Anyone know of any suppliers I could get these from?

Thank You!!



#2 2002-06-23 01:31:26


Re: HELP!!!

Dear Susan,

I reproduce many masks at one time from plastic or acrylic forms which are available through a craft chain called "JoAnne Fabrics".  If there is a craft or  mask making supply store near you, please pick up one or two of the face masks. They are actual wearable masks which people like to paint but I like to mache' over them .  They sell for five dollars in America.

Masks of this type can be found for children and adults .  Some school supply stores are also known to carry them.  The goal is to re-use the mask to produce several forms.  All you will need is some sunshine, liquid starch and a few strips of paper.

There are  suppliers on the internet that would probably be able to ship something similar to you as well. Please try surfing the web under Mask Craft Suppliers.   If you like to make masks, this would work for you because the mache' pops right off of the mask. If you did not want to make them yourself, please disregard this message or contact me for further discussion.

Hope this helps.




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