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#1 2002-04-05 04:29:38



this is absolutly a wonderful site.

i want to make dolls about 10 inches high, and they will sit on a swing. you will be able to hang from the roof or a shelf or.... how do i go about making the doll? i know i can use chicken wire to make the form, but where do i begin?

since i live in the caribbean i would also like to make cute little mermaids to sell to the tourists who like that kind of thing. where do I begin????????????????
if you have any ideas, you can e mail me at flutter40@hotmail.com subject line, paper macher.
thanks a whole lot


#2 2002-04-05 22:28:33


Re: dolls


Thanks for the compliments about the site.

Your dollmaking ideas sound like fun. There is an excellent book called "Dollmaking With Papier MacHe and Paper Clay" by Doris Rockwell Gottilly that should give you the help you need to get started. Click on "Books" for further information.

Come back and tell us how you get on with your dolls - and maybe sent some pictures for our gallery?



#3 2002-04-06 19:45:28


Re: dolls


There is a paper mache' book that has directions on how to make a mermaid....I don't have it but perhaps someone else knows the one I'm thinking of....



#4 2002-06-23 00:41:03


Re: dolls

Greetings!  Great forum., Jackie.    My first time here and all of these questions are sooooo familiar.  Ladies or gentlemen, don't be afraid to experiment.  Step by step instructions take a while to explain but I'll give you some EZ hints.

Fiirst, try using Sta Flo Liquid starch or any brand that is in liquid form.  Next, use existing forms to save time on building an armature.  Basic shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and triangles will help you create almost anything.

Recycle oatmeal boxes, plastic bottles, etc. for torsos.  Attach arms, legs and a head from other shapes.  Now it's easier to begin the layering of your mache'.

I'm working on an "Uncle Sam" figurine which began with an oatmeal box.  I've added a head, arms and legs with twisted paper and masking tape.  It all gets covered up and sculpted into the final piece.  What could be easier?

Much luck and regards from Enterprise, Alabama.



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