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#1 2002-03-26 05:57:21



Please help I am looking for instructions to make a pinyata for my daughters birthday party any links or instructions would be appreciated.


#2 2002-03-26 13:15:29


Re: pinyatas

I have never made a pinata, but it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult.
I would start with a large balloon. Punch balloons are bigger and rounder than regular 12 inch party balloons.

the balloon with strips of paper using what ever paste you use.
But leave an opening where you can fill the pinata with toys. favors and whatever.
pop the ballon when dry or untie the knot in the balloon so you can reuse it.< Punch balloons are strong and you can get a lot of use out of them. >
Cover the hole on the pinata where you filled it with toys with a small piece of foil or
newspaper and masking tape and apply more strips.
Add head, legs, arms ,or whatever you want your pinata to be and paint it.

Hope this info helps.



#3 2002-03-31 06:40:04


Re: pinyatas

I have made many Pinatas for my Grandchildren and the directions given by Bonnie are very good. I usually start with a balloon and cover it with newspaper dipped in a flour and water paste. I leave a small space that will be used to fill it with the candy and toys near the top. After the first two layers have dried I use pieces of thin cardboard cut to size and shaped to create features. These are taped on and then a layer of paper dipped in paste is added. Finishing can be done using paint or the more traditional strips of crepe paper cut into frills. This is done by folding a strip of crepe paper lengthwise and then cutting on the folded side almost all of the way across the strip. Use white glue to attach the frills to the form. Fill the pinata and cover the hole with a piece of paper and frills.

I almost forgot the most important part.....the hanger!! I use some monofilament (fishing line) between layers of paper that has a loop or slack spot in it. Then a loop of yarn or twine can be run under the slack spot and tied into a circle for the rope to go through.

Start with a simple design like a smiley face or sun at first and then get more crative as your confidence grows.

My best wishes to your daughter on her birthday!



#4 2002-04-18 22:01:16


Re: pinyatas

I made a cute pinyata in high school.  I used a great big punch balloon.  I blew it up to maximum capacity, tied it off.  I tied fishing line to the tied end of the balloon, and strung it up. This made the project easier, i think.  I put 4 layers of paper, letting each layer dry in between, and leaving a small opening at the top.

I added cones. I made these out of regular paper, that i shaped into cones, then taped. I constructed 10 cones, all approximately the same size. Then, i used tape to secure them all over the pinyata. Be sure to plan out where you want them for sure before taping them down.  Also, be sure to space them out evenly. This is a little harder than it seems. lol.

Then, I added another 3 layers of paper to the entire pinyata, including the cones.

When i popped the balloon, I could easily remove it, because it was attached to the fishing line. I then, filled the pinyata with tons of candy. (Those big punch balloons hold a lot.)  Then, I patched up the hole with a few layers of paper.

Pinyata coverings.....

I used colored tissue paper and crape paper.  I chose a base color, and cover the pinyata with a few layers of my choice colored tissue paper. Then I used the crape paper to add texture and design. I also used the crape paper to make colorful streamers at the ends of each of the cones.  It turned out a lot better than i had thought it would.

Anyway, I had a blast making it. It was very messy, but fun.

I hope my idea can help someone.

Alexis Cruz


#5 2002-05-06 16:42:22


Re: pinyatas

i am wondering does anyone have a project..instructions for making papier mache flowers??



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