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Art Project: Paper Castle

#1 2001-05-25 19:29:04


Art Project: Paper Castle

We are looking for people to help us make this art project work.
This is our plan:  To find 40.000 people to  each make 1 brick from papier
mache (see enclosure) and send it to us in Amsterdam.
With these 40.000 "bricks" we're going to  build "The Bodiam Castle" and
place it in Amsterdam.
This castle will serve mainly as an exhibition room  for "paper" artists.
Of course this castle will be an artwork on its own!!!!

Now is it important that we find 40.000 people, so talk about it and show it
to others, who may want to help us.

Join us now and read the enclosure on how to make this brick (easily) .

You will need:

1 old saucepan
1 newspaper
wallpaper paste
1 piece of polystyrene (wrapping foam)  30cm - 20cm - 20cm

fill  the pan with water and tear the paper into tiny pieces and soak them
for 24 hours in the pan of water.

Boil the pieces of paper till it becomes a mass, or you can use a mixer
When your mass is ready put it in the colander and let the water drain out.
When the paper mass has cooled down you can knead most of the water out.
Now you can add the wallpaper paste and mix it until it becomes a sticky
Cover the (polystyrene) brick with a thin layer of the pulp and let it dry.
This will take 2 or 3 days, but it will dry faster in the sun or by a

Do you want to join? let's start now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send this brick to:                     or mail:

Papercastle                                papiermachee@hotmail.com
Kruidenhof 33
1112 NV Diemen


#2 2001-06-26 12:00:19


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

I like this project of yours and I hope to contribute by sending my own papier mache brick.  Who knows, I may even get to see it in Amsterdam one day! 
I see your target is 40,000 bricks - how has the respose been so far?  How many of you are actually going to be building the castle?  Maybe you can post some photos here of the work in progress...


#3 2001-06-28 11:32:08


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

Hi Cee-Jaye,

I'm glad you want to make a brick for me, It just started, a few bricks are one the way.
from new sealand, germany, usa.
My website www.papercastle.nl is just a few days in the air.
I'm still working on the english version.
So I hope that the bricks are coming in quick.
I want to put the photos of the progress put on my own website.
But I'm not building yet.

thnx andre

p.s. don't forget to look at www.papercastle.nl


#4 2001-07-01 11:35:06


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

Yeah, I'll make a brick! Good idea! It'll be on it's way to you asap from here in rural Wales, U.K.


#5 2001-07-01 12:13:27


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

Hi Kris,

Thnk you for helping me, I'm still working on my english version for my website.

check it out: www.papercastle.nl

It's going good!!!!!!!!!


#6 2001-07-28 15:15:50


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

How much wallpaper paste powder should I add? How big should the finished brick be?  I'm wondering if an inch of paste over the entire brick is too much?  I'm not quite sure where to find polystyrene, but call around soon.  Thank you!  this will be a fun project for the kids and I.


#7 2001-07-31 21:14:48


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

What an excellant idea, I'll make a few bricks if you need them.

I've been exploring with papier mache all summer now, great fun, found chicken wire not as great a structure as I thought it would be. I want to make a giant urn.........any ideas on the base?



#8 2001-08-14 09:41:27


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

hi Deborah,

I'm glad to hear that you wants to help me.
It's hard to say how much powder(glue) you must add, till its becomes sticky

Looking forward to receive your stone.



#9 2001-08-14 09:44:02


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

Hi Mamta,

glad you want to help, need as many as possible
good luck with your urn, send a picture when it's readdy




#10 2001-09-09 15:28:20


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

Dear Sir,

I am papier mache artist from MINISTRY OF TEXTILE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, from Jaipur,

I would like to join the venture ,kindly mail me the dimentions of the brick to be send.

It would be a greate pleasure to me to do so,

About me, 10 years back i did my graduation in civil ENGINEERING,
after working for 6 yrs as an engineer i switched on to this echo friendly mission created by me, at present its a full time buisness to me, papier mache is  bread & butter to me and my team of about 6 people.

..... and the journey is on....

kindly reply as soon as possible



Telephone: 091 141 393386


#11 2001-09-26 03:28:37


Re: Art Project: Paper Castle

What happens if it rains? Are the bricks going to be coated?


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