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Best Paper Mache

#1 2010-08-22 03:13:56

Registered: 2010-08-21
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Best Paper Mache

hi all.
I'm new as a member to the site, but not new to reading it, over the years.
Thanks for all the inspiration!

I'm currently trying, again, to locate traditionnal approaches to paper mache that seem to be mostly unposted online, or may be hidden!

I'd like your help in finding this age-old information and bringing it to the current world!
Even if you just know one bit of information, it may help solve the puzzle!
Thanks in advance!

I wrote an article about it on my Laboratory blog:
http://creaturistelab.blogspot.com/2010 … mache.html

And in the meantime of finding the Best Paper Mache, I share with you my current, most effectve and durable methods:
http://creaturistelab.blogspot.com/2010 … thods.html

aka Mathieu.



#2 2014-11-03 11:14:02

Registered: 2014-11-03
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Re: Best Paper Mache

I use a method that works wonderfully with faces. I put "skin" of cloth (old bed sheets torn into strips) dipped in white glue



#3 2014-11-04 05:54:39

From: Florida, USA
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Re: Best Paper Mache

Ah, so meet again old friend!!! LOL Seems we may have similar interests in historical elements of papier mache.

I am looking into the art and technique of Giants and Big Head papier mache. Specifically the papers and paste used in Europe. With all the wonderful galleries of artist from all over the world, I would hope that there would be a few who would be willing to share materials and techniques with fellow artists.

World papier mache artists, can you share some of you knowledge with the new world artists, please?


aka maverick12555

- Jeff
aka maverick12555



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