Snowmen by Terry Bishop

All you need to know to make these ever popular seasonal characters.

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Hello, I am Terry Bishop, papier mache artist and Workshop Instructor; I am delighted to have been asked by Jackie to supply instructions to those interested in beginning to work with pulped papier mache. The item chosen is a very simple to construct snowman.

You will need...

You will find the supplies list basic, readily available and inexpensive:

- Newspapers
- Large old pot for the boiling of the papers
- Colander
- Masking tape (I use 1")
- Mixing bowl
- Flour

Note on pulp making

Tear newspapers into narrow strips, tearing with the grain. Cross tear the strips into shorter pieces 3” – 4”

Torn strips of paper
Torn strips of paper

Pulp cooled and strained through a colander
Pulp cooled and strained through a colander

Place newspaper strips in boiling pot, fill pot with water and boil on a rolling boil for 30 mins to reduce the paper to pulp. Cool and strain through colander - you now have the basic pulp.

Take a double hand full of pulp and squeeze out excess water, repeat with another double hand full, place in mixing bowl and add 2 cups of flour - mix well. This is now ready to use.

The Armature

Take 3 sheets of newspaper and crumple into a ball, secure with masking tape. Take 1 sheet of newspaper and crumple into a ball, secure with masking tape.

Crumpled into a ball
Crumpled into a ball

Taking shape...
Taking shape...

Center large paper ball on a sheet of newspaper, bring up edges of newspaper and secure with Masking Tape tightly over the ball. Open newspaper out and place in small paper ball. Cover with the newspaper and tape.

This is the basic armature or skeleton for your snowman:

The basic armature ready
The basic armature ready