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Papier Mache Doll

Papier Mache Doll by Pun Hui Falkenhainer

This delightful tutorial will give you invaluable help in making yourself a lovely papier mache doll.

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This delightful tutorial will give you invaluable help in making yourself a lovely papier mache doll. Here, Pun Hui uses washi paper. You could if you want to use any paper of your choice, including newspaper. Wooden dowels can be used in place of chop sticks and you could paint the finished doll afterwards.

You will need…

- 1 x 2½” styrofoam ball (head)
- 1 x 1½” styrofoam ball (shoes)
- 1 x 1½” styrofoam tube (cut 3 inches for body)
- 2 x 5½” 20 guage wire (arms)
- 2 x 4½”18 guage wire or chop sticks (legs)
- 1 x 2” chop stick (neck – sharpen both ends for easy insertion)
- 1 x 25” by 26” piece of washi paper (plain or bark chips embedded)
- Wallpaper paste
- White (pva) glue
- 1 x lentil or round bead

- Hand tear the paper, do not use scissors to prevent hard edges when you overlap.
- Glue down one piece at a time. Pre-gluing will not save time as washi paper absorbs the moisture very fast and you will have to apply again.


Forming the head
Forming the head

Draw a line around the centre of the styrofoam ball, and press against a table along this line to form the head shape.

Tear strips of paper about 5/8 inch wide, then tear again to make 5/8 inch squares. (Larger than this and they will make folds when you glue them down onto the head.)

Apply glue on the piece you are using and apply to the head, overlapping until you have covered with at least three layers.


Forming the nose
Forming the nose

Glue lentil with a tiny blob of glue in place for the nose. Leave to dry. Cover with several layers of paper on and around nose.

Alternatively, fix a round bead in place with a straight sewing pin.

Alternative nose
Alternative nose

Eyes and Mouth

Draw eyes and mouth on another piece of washi paper.

Carefully tear out the features and glue onto face.


Trim the Styrofoam tube into a cone shape.

Insert chopstick for the neck. Cover the neck with strips until you reach your desired thickness. (Long neck, short, thick or thin neck).

Arms & Legs

Make 3/8 inch torn strips to wrap around the wire. If you want thicker arms and legs, wrap around more layers.