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Bottle Indian by Pun Hui Falkenhainer

This tutorial will show you how to make lovely little Indian figures from throwaway plastic bottles.

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Making the hair

Option 1

Cut 8 - 10 pieces of 24 guage wire 3 to 3-1/2" long.

Wrap hand torn strips of washi paper or crepe paper around the wires.

Use a knitting needle to twist them.

Or bend them as you like.

Option 2

Use about 1" x 1-1/4" hand torn washi paper. Gather one side, apply glue on the end and roll between your thumb and forefinger. Leave to dry. (A)

Option 3

Use 1" wide strips of paper and braid them first. Cut to about 1" plus long. Gather one end, apply glue, and make a pointed shape whilst rolling between your thumb and forefinger. Leave to dry. (B)

Attaching the hair

Make a line on the top of the head with a marker pen. (A)

Puncture holes with an awl, spacing about 3/8" apart. (B)

Dab glue on the tip of hair pieces and place into the holes. Leave to dry.

Note: You can choose just one style for all your different bodies or make your own style of hair.

Finished Example

Finished Example
Finished Example

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