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3D Van Gogh

3D Van Gogh by Leaflin

Make a 3D papier mache picture to hang on your wall.

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On October 4th 1998 the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC opened an extraordinary exhibit of 70 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to view these masterpieces. No form of media can convey his bold use of colour. The incredible textures which seemed to be sculpted on his canvas. I was overpowered by the emotion in his creations. Inspired by this rare opportunity I wanted to create my own Van Gogh....only with a twist....in Papier Mache. Please join me as I demonstrate my Papier Mache Van Gogh.

You will need...

- Wooden frame
- Foamboard to fit into frame
- 2 colours of 25lb to 40lb weight paper. Kraft, Butchers or Utility are all good choices
- White glue
- Wheat paste
- Caulking
- Pleastic container to mix paste in
- Water
- Plaster cloth or masking tape
- Styrofoam packaging peanuts
- Celluclay / Instant papier mache
- Gesso
- Acrylic paints


Now we are ready to begin

Old frame
Old frame

Start with an old frame.

Attach foamboard to frame, fitting it as snuggly as possible.
Do not use Mattboard as it will warp.
I used a diamond point driver to secure the foamboard but small wire brads or finishing nails will work also.

Attaching foamboard to frame
Attaching foamboard to frame


Caulk any gaps between foamboard and frame, as well as any gaps or cracks in frame.