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"preparando la ofrenda para el día de muertos" ("Making the food for the Day of the Dead")

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""preparando la ofrenda para el día de muertos" ("Making the food for the Day of the Dead")" by Verónica Pérez


This scene represents the elaboration of the food for the day of the deaths, (a celebration very popular here in Mexico ) where you can find from right lo left, a woman making the "mole" (that is a kind of sauce made of a lot of ingridients, like chocolate, chili, raice, among others) then you will find a table with the "ofrenda" with the photo of the persons (family friends that are not longer in us in this world) with the food they like to eat when they were alive, a little image of the "virgen of Guadalpe". the other sculpture is a "panadera" a women who is making bread. There is one bread made specialy in this day, "pan de muerto", and she is making it, besides another variety of sweet bread. There is an "anafre" (like oven) with fried chicken, and a mom tchecking if her baby is ok, while she is cooking the chicken.

And a furninitre of "trastero" where is a place that you can exhibit the dishes.

About the day of the dead- "it's an examle of the complex inheritance of mexicans, whis incorporates pre hispanic and colonial elements as well as visual expression arisign after the Mexican Revolution". "It is the center of the collective imaginatino of the nation, extending far beyond its borders" - Alejandro Negrin -

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