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Two-Headed Grave Pot

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This is a "Two-Headed Grave Pot", which are mobile, carnivorous flora that can be encountered in From Software's 1996 King's Field III video game (said title was re-numbered as King's Field II in North America, because the first Japanese game wasn't localized and released here, thus, the real King's Field II was treated as King's Field I when it was published in this region of the world, screwing up the numbering system).

Grave Pots slowly creep about, using their three stubby roots as legs, and, when they sense something edible nearby (typically birds or mammals, including humans), they will begin to emit small clouds of poison, from their circular mouths, in the direction of their intended prey. These toxic vapors are easily absorbed through the skin and physical contact with this floating miasma will result in immediate and severe sickness--in only a minute or two, the victim will rapidly weaken, and, in most cases, succumb to the poison and collapse, allowing the approaching Grave Pot to easily feed upon the dying and helpless target. The "normal" Grave Pot species only has one head stalk, but this more dangerous variation sports two, allowing it to produce twice as much poison, with the pair typically alternating, and coordinating, their emissions to more efficiently bring down prey. Two-Headed Grave Pots also have an additional 50 hit points (350 to the Grave Pot's 300) and are worth a bit more experience (35 points, compared to the basic model's 28). Fortunately, these plants are relatively slow and easy to outmaneuver, or evade altogether, so, provided that you're careful to avoid contact with their poisonous exhalations (and you had better have some medicinal herbs in your pack, or know how to cast an antidote spell, in the event that you don't), they're not terribly difficult to dispatch or escape. Grave Pots are also quite flammable, but, it's generally wiser to save your precious magic points for more dangerous foes, and/or healing, instead of using that spiritual energy to torch these critters with fire spells.

Newsprint, wire twist ties, white glue, and acrylic paint.

3.4 cm (1.3") wide x 3.0 cm (1.2") long x 3.7 cm (1.5") high.

Two days; June 4th and 5th, 2016.

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