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Cork & Toothpick Horse MOC

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Here's an ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I'd been wanting to do for quite some time: a MOC (mint-on-card) action figure!

At first, I had my heart set on making the Craftster Cork Guy, but then I noticed the little Cork Horse up at the top of their web page and I cursed myself for my foolishness. What sane person would ever want an action figure of a man when they could have an awesome equine toy instead, am I right? Rainbow Dash only had to kick me in the head five times to convince me of the wisdom of the previous sentence, but, once the world swam back into focus again, I could finally see that my entire life up until that point had been a complete and utter waste, and that her "All ponies, all the time" mantra was the one true path to everlasting happiness and enlightenment.

The cork horse is made out of neither cork nor toothpicks, because that would be truth in advertising, and a slipshod operation like the one that I run can't be held to such high standards. Instead it's constructed out of newsprint, white glue, and bendable wire. As the figure is nothing but a bunch of hollow cylinders, it was relatively quick and easy to fabricate.

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