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As She Gazed At The Moon Venus Smiled

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The front of the clock is a print of a folk art picture I painted in a series called 7 Perfect Moments Of Childhood.
The armature is made of all the usual stuff - like card, paper and aluminium foil etc

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Ina Griet

Ina Griet

August 1, 2018 at 7:21PM

Hi Annie, your work is so sweet, beautiful and well done. You must b a gently and calm person to make something like this. Do you work with paper-clay and if so, what is your recipe? The surface looks so soft? and the paint sems to glow a little, do you use translucent paint? Acrylics? Do you gesso the pieces before painting???? I would love to learn a little from you! Smiles Ina

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