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Flying Pigs

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If you Live, Love, Laugh often enough and simply Believe... then Pigs can Fly

I have been making flying pigs for the past 2 years. Was commisioned last year by a local school to make 55 for all the teachers at the school. Although they had similar colours, each one was individual. Much patience was required as it was a long process.

These 3 pigs are an example of the ones I make. All come packaged in a popcorn box with a note attached that if you are down and depressed and all about you seems to despair... just Believe - Pigs can Fly. You have proof of that.

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Marco Colla

Marco Colla

July 21, 2011 at 6:13AM

Very beautiful pigs, Belinda,

a smile to you by Marco!


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