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Beehive Lamp "Winnie the pooh" style

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This lamp is specially commissioned for a children's room in Winnie the Pooh theme.
It was pretty much work with it and drying time was very long
but the end result was very good.
I hope the little boy will be as pleased as I am.

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Andrey Gavrilov

April 24, 2011 at 10:23AM

Remarkable work. I wanted to make the similar. And, probably, I will make. Only I would change work and the name a little. Why? Because bees do the small houses in hollows of trees. To pleasure of bears store there medical
At you the house not bees, and wasps has turned out! And the wasp is a papier mache symbol. It does the house of a paper! Cellulose mills and sticks together a saliva. You have created a papier mache symbol! Remarkably! A few to alter bees in wasps and, the site symbol is ready. I congratulate!

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