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Easy Rider

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bunty catania

May 21, 2011 at 2:41AM

Hi Thomas, how original, they are really good. It's amazing how the art/creative instinct runs through the family. Can you remember my bro Alex doing the matchstick creations, like you he did them really well. I'v never done paiper mache so admire people who do different types of art.
How is the family hope all is well, I would be interested to see some fotos of them. I love doing art, go to a small art class every Wednesday. You do your own thing and sid (83) is there if you want any help or tips. I have made some wonderful friends. we go for lunch, once a month, at the local boat club. You would love it here, quite a laid back seaside resort. Its winter here in a couple of weeks. We had a lot of wet weather in the past 12 months but its always warm(or toooo humid) but I can stand it. We have been lucky and nnot coppef any of the floods etc. phewww.
Take Care Thomas, love you all lots big hugs and kisses all round from me xxxxx

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