I’m seemingly doing a special on bowls at the moment, so, having done a red bowl and green bowl in the recent past I thought I’d mix them together and do something brown or perhaps earthen in appearance.

It was made after the same fashion as it’s predecessors, papier mache on a Plasticine mould, before being coated in an emulsion and flour mix and finished in acrylics and PVA … gotta love PVA! This one has actually had two coats of the flour mix, the second coat being to hide the hideous paint job I gave it initially which turned out a rather stomach churning salmon pink … it was just wrong.

I think this colour scheme is far more pleasing. I’ve attempted to graduate the colour from the base up and also around the lip downwards and inwards although I’m not sure that it really shows up in the pictures very well.

The flour mixture I’ve been coating these bowls with has thrown up a couple of real benefits. In the first instance it give the bowls a far more solid feel, removing much of the flexibility that’s inherent in any thin papier mache projects. The second benefit has been the provision of a base coat, papier mache can have an extremely variable finish where you’re using strips, either that or it’s a grey mass of pulp, neither of which are particularly helpful when it comes to painting up the finished item.

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