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Dafna Yarom

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My name is Dafna Yarom, graduated of the "Betzalel" art and design Academy, departement of graphic design since 1985.
During third year of my studies I got acquainted with paper through the "Betzalel" paper workshop.
It was love at first sight. I was fasinated by the infinite implications of this wonderful material. I felt as if the paper took me to new horizons. The paper became to me a substance that inspired creativity in many fields.
I was working for many years as a graphic designer but always looking how to realize my dream and love for the paper as a whole. In 1990 during a long visit to Japan, I have decided that it has to become my main occupation. Nowadays, apart from creating paper jewelry I create paper drawings using handmade paper, my works have appeared in exhibitions and galleries throughout Israel.
My book "Creative Paper Jewelry" was published in the USA in 2010

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