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My name is Ina. As all of you, I love making things from papier mache. I like its versatility, its partially unpredictable personality and the fact that it is a quiet sculpting medium to work with.
Since I do like paint and fabric as well, I often merge all three mediums into one piece. When people ask where I would find my inspiration, all I can answer is that inspiration finds me (sometimes more often than i have time and room for). I hope that you enjoy looking at my gallery and if you do have questions about a piece please feel free to contact me via papier mache website.

A rather open invitation
What actually is happiness???
I am not sure I must confess.
It might feel sparkly like Champaign.
Then suddenly it changes the lane
and reappears as contemplation,
a way quieter sensation.
Another day it may show up
as simple as a buttercup.
Then again it’s just the ease
that you did pay off a lease.
Often it is dressed as health.
Many think of it as wealth.
It seems to change quite unexpected
and sometimes it stays undetected.
So in the end no explanation
can grasp this distinct sensation.
That’s why I skip the theory,
welcome you to my gallery,
to show my happy wonderland
that’s fondly made by heart and hand.
Copyright Ina-Griet Raatz-von Hirschhausen

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