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I have visited this site many times and have finally put up some of my work. For a number of years my wife and I have been running a small business from home making and selling life sized tailored, laced back Mannequins and wasp-waisted mannequins. The wasp-waisted which are shown here are made in the traditional way using Papier Mache applied to a wooden mould, which I carved from timber. They are then decoupaged using antique newsprint mostly French although one here is using a copy of The News of the World dated 1870 which did make for some interesting reading. I have also included a couple of pictures of what the mannequin looks like once the Papier Mache process is completed and before any decoupage has been applied.

We have both retired this year so I now find my interest is in art. The photo of my framed relief picture was produced using Papier Mache throughout then covering in ring pulls. I am particularly interested in using mostly recycled materials for my ideas together with movement. The bottom right hand face turns to look at whoever is standing in front of the picture. This movement is activated by a small sensor which then allows a small 12v motor to turn the head via a tiny torch battery. I am currently working on another artwork again using Papier Mache, so once finished I will add to my gallery.

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