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Hello my name is Rick, Ive never had any formal art training. About fourteen years ago I almost lost my right hand in a skillsaw accident, all four fingers were severed at the knuckles Thanks to a most excellent surgeon they were reattached the downside was that I had to relearn how to do everything, having no budget and a great desire to do anything artistic I started tinkering with paper mache. what you see are the results of a lot of trial and tons of error but I've finally developed a process that I'm happy with. I have developed a process of Microwave Mache allows me to do my work at a greatly accelorated pace, using this methed I have been able to step out of the traditional bounds of paper mache , Aside from a bit heavier paper and the ocasional cerel box I dont have to use any sort of elaborate under-structure for my pieces. Using this methad I have been able to create just about everything I could think of, As with any artistic process it is a simple one to learn and a difficult one to master. e-mail me or just check out my web site for more info ungluedarts.com

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