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Rebecca Deerwater

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I have always found joy in making something out of seemingly nothing. When I was a child I made all kinds of things out of boxes, tape, yarn, stones, thread, pins, anything I could get my hands on that my mother would let me use. I made story boxes, furniture for my dolls, I made dolls! I don’t remember a time I didn’t want to be making something.

I have worked in stone, clay, metal and plaster. I took a workshop on paper mâché and fell in love. It was the most fun I had had in years. It took me back to the simplicity of the creative act held as a child while still allowing me to use all the skills of a sculptress to express form and feeling.

Like the matieral used, my themes tend to be things familiar to all of us. I find joy in everyday life and our relationship to it. My dogs are at once familiar, evoking the bond between humans and canine that only those of us who own them understand. My pleasure is to try to capture the feeling of love, joy or the mundane that we know so well with our dogs.

You can view my website at rebeccadeerwater.com

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