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For many years I have dealt mostly with painting. However, my greatest love for art as a whole and particularly for sculpting crystallizes in the field of Papier-mâché. From the very first moment I was introduced to the world of Papier-mâché, I understood that the sculpting involved in it, the variety of designing techniques and the innumerable painting possibilities allowed by it, are only part of the reasons why I love it. The absolute pleasure involved in dealing with Papier-mâché and a real sense of satisfaction are added to the ecological and environmental values related to it.
Papier-mâché is a fine and easy- to-sculpt material. It enables the artist to design objects in a unique and personal manner. Dealing with it allows for a combination of therapeutic and creative calmness along with the development of thinking skills and imagination.
I prepare Papier-mâché from ground paper provided by offices and the plastics industry.
My creations are based on recycled materials, such as beverage bottles, plastic packaging, old newspapers, etc. I think of it as turning "dirt into art".
Among my creations you can find both ornamental and practical art objects full of humor, color and magic.

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