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Minna Ben-Nun

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Mina Ben - Nun, Haifa, born in 1967.
Naturopathic profession - a pharmacist and natural creams. An active clinic for nearly 20 years. Simultaneously, I engaged in many years painting and sculpture in various materials like concrete, different stones, clay, and five years pulp and paper, too. This fascinating material specialty pulp paper, the infinite possibilities inherent in it, material that crossed my way, I used a great inspiration. Relationship between body and mind and creativity are the foundations of my teaching and treatment, and today I run my studio Atlit, workshops for children, adults, people with special needs of all ages. Last year, my studio work has also to recycled paper. Remarkable collection of works of earrings, rings, pendants, watches and jewelry went under my hands, can be ordered. I invite you to view photos, contact me.

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