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Have a look at my web site www.LauraWacha.com for my paintings, ceramics, and mixed media pieces.

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Artist’s Statement
With a cleverly designed visage belying the typical mild mannered school marm, Laura Wacha possesses an inner imagination of such magnitude that paintings and sculptures of delightfully cryptic wonder are generated, not in black and white, but in beautiful near-technicolor. Like clockwork, images ooze out of our heroine, and, like tooth paste from a tube, there’s no putting them back. Using a personal allegory that incorporates not only the hyper real and the overtly bizarre but also the banal and mundane, images clash in a lush landscape so fraught with paradoxical tension that the resulting paintings vibrate with the kind of eccentricities once thought accessible only to those charged with the care of small children. But no! These works are the friends of all and as such are open to your own personal interpretation. You (yes, you) will undoubtedly see yourself, your neighbors, your night dread creatures, fairy tale friends and favorite soap opera characters. You will thrill as these seemingly disjointed and eccentric images drip with the narratives of your own life story and become both personally meaningful and eerily therapeutic. Art imitates your life and you thought no one knew what you were up to. Believe me, we are all doing it. And it’s all put down for you in these acrylic on canvas paintings and papier mache sculptures fraught with the joy of angst, the humility of triumph and the fear of running out of time. So start your belly-aching, finish your to-do list and revel in the hoopla of not being on the wrong side of purgatory.

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