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Susan Lee Kerr

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For years I had seen and admired wonderful papier mache creatures in the display cases of the college where I taught creative writing. Finally in 2007 I started the class run by Marcella Montoya-Turnill. Mexican, living here in London, art school trained, she was interpreter for the Linares family at a Day of the Dead exhibition in 1991 (I -- and most people in the class -- had been to that influential show). And that is how she learned their alebrije method of sculptural papier mache, and with their permission, began to teach it. So that is my provenance. Marcella has gone on to develop her own art career, and the closely bonded group now is its own workshop of 8 members. We call ourselves PapierMachistas; the styles are many as we all keep growing and encouraging each other. DO LOOK AT OUR NEW PAPIERMACHISTAS GALLERY here on this site. One member won top place at the V&A Inspired By show; the group has small local exhibitions, including a Trash to Bling fashion show. We are multi-national and range in ages from 40s to 90.

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