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Gabriel Paolieri

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Hello from sunny California and thank you for visiting my gallery here on the Papier Mache Resource!

I've been working in the art field as a commercial artist, cartoonist and illustrator for quite a few years but have only been creating as a "fine artist" utilizing papier-mâché since 1995.
When it comes to working in papier-mâché I'm self-taught and I've experimented with many techniques and materials over the last few years.
I'm still learning---and I feel my work is constantly evolving from one project to the next.
I invite you to look over my work here on PMR as well as visiting a web page that was recently created for me.
I would very much like hearing from you with your thoughts and comments on working with papier mache'...!

Website: paolieri.weebly.com/

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