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My name is Karin Røjkjær - I am 44 years old and I have been a mask maker for four years. I live in Kolding in Denmark.
I hope you will enjoy meeting some of my masks:

Now they have returned…

Once upon a time many generations ago a little group of 15 men and women had to begin a very long journey to the other side known parts of the universe. The Travellers had all been too restless, too curious, too different to find peace in the life their relatives lived and were happy with. Their inward urge for freedom forced them on their way. For many generations they passed through areas they had heard little or nothing about. The challenges and the dangers of their journey were innumerable before they settled down in another world they called L’Ashpharu.

We have forgotten them. Even though the tales of The Travellers lived in our legends, songs and myths for many years we cannot today find any trace of those who set out.

But the other day they returned. And now they can tell us about the lives they have lived abroad since they set out to the most distant areas of the universe. At the same time they can help us to remember the generations who lived when The Travellers set out on their incredible journey. And they can tell strange tales about the journey and about their new world that is without similarities to the old world or the world they now have returned to.

Their astonishment is immense when they see the difference between their and our worlds. The idea of time is the most confusing to them. In our world innumerable decades have passed – in their world seven years have passed. In our world generation have succeeded generation and our world is incomprehensive to The Travellers. In L’Ashpharu The Travellers have not yet found time for reproducing themselves. It is incredible hard for The Travellers and for us to understand that we are each others closest – especially when we observe the physical differences between us. None of The Travellers have since their departure noticed that their new world has been part of their changed looks. Or perhaps we changed and The Travellers still look like our common ancestors.

These five wall masks is part of a series of 15 wall masks. They are all made from papier maché, wooden modelling plasticine, paint, handmade glass beads, silver, goat or buffalo horns, sisal, etc.

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