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Claudia Clemente

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Hello, I´m Cláudia and I´ve been working with papier máchê for quite some time now. I started to make pieces in cardboard and string, mainly frames for my fotos then I started to work with this fantastic material and never stoped. It´s been a trial and error journey but I think I´ve come very far. Having the chance to see other artists work has been a learning experience. Here in Portugal not many people know what is papier máchê and we don´t have that many artist using this material so the internet is great because there are so many great artist around the world.
I make a great range of pieces as you can see below and have yet so many projects in my head so I will be adding new items now and then, so don´t forget to visit. Hope you like what you see.
I have created two english blogs, you have direct access to one of them through this gallery and the access to the other blog, "jewellery in papier máchê" is through the first blog.If you want to see them you are very welcome.

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