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Greetings, and thank you for visiting my gallery here at the Papier Mache Resource.

My name is Patience, and I am an artist living in the American Midwest.

Having always been the creative sort, I formally studied art, design and painting at the University of Illinois while pursuing my degree in Interior Design. I was also fortunate to have had the opportunity in college to take courses in sculpture, which I very much enjoyed. The actual Sculpting part that is -- but not so much the fussy and complicated plaster casting process. In addition, I found the necessary sculpting materials/supplies prohibitively expensive as a student -- not to mention a challenge to manage without my large classroom studio in which to work. After my college courses were over, in favor of more 'practical' artistic pursuits, I set sculpting aside forever....

Or so I thought. My interest in it was reawakened many years later, when I was requested to create a number of intriguing stage props for a local theatrical company. Experimenting with paper mache for my various projects, to my delight I discovered it to be a most satisfying sculpting medium (environmentally friendly, cost effective, versatile, durable, manageable, and no kilns nor casting necessary). I haven't looked back....

Here's hoping you enjoy the examples of my one-of-a-kind fine art and stage accessory papier mache work featured here -- please feel free in emailing me with any questions. Custom commission inquiries are welcome. And much luck to you with your own papier mache projects.

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