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Lorraine Berkshire-Roe

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I am an illustrator and papier maché artist. I started using papier maché as a medium in 1990. I worked in a design company as an illustrator for 9 years from 1996-2005 so my papier maché output in that time was limited but since then I have rediscovered the joys of working 3D and I am getting more excited about the medium.

I have exhibited and sold my work at the London Affordable Art Fair with the gallery 'New British Artists' every year since 2008 which is the commercial highlight of my year. Looking into the future I would like to get more into making props and items for display and outdoor sculpture as well as nice things to put in your house. My next task is to discover more techniques.

If you would like to email me please feel free to do so through the 'contact' link on my website using the link above. I also have a facebook page for my art, search for Lorraine Berkshire-Roe ART on facebook and you should find me, my name is quite unusual.

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