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If you can't catch 'em, papier mache 'em! I live by the ocean and have chosen fish for my first attempt at this medium. The nearest art supply or craft store is over 50 miles away, so papier mache is perfect for me as I had everything I needed right here. I love mixing up the paste and the cool feel of smoothing down the newspaper, letting it dry, and then working with it again. My fish range in size from about 8 inches to 2 feet long. I have used paper for the base, but found an old lobster trap buoy on the beach that I carved down for the base of my hogfish.I have a large collection of beach glass, and used pieces of this for some textured scales.I found some triangular shell pieces on the beach for the barracuda and hammerhead teeth. I cut and tore tissue paper for the color and enjoyed experimenting with creating new colors by layering. I gave each fish a final coat of acrylic gloss on top of the tissue paper. I know my first attempt, the barracuda, looks a little bit like a loaf of Cuban bread, but I am very pleased with my dolphin, and hope to expand into different objects in the future. Thanks for taking a look at my new hobby.

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