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Elsa Rubenstein

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I'm very happy to be in this gallery. Thanks for visiting! I live near New York City and work as a memoir coach and personal historian. On the personal side, I'm happily married to my husband, Bob, and am the grandmother of three little girls.

I love papier mache because it's easy and inexpensive to make, fun to shape (if you like squishy), lightweight when dry and receptive to paint. Plus, it has a mind of its own, which I love. I worked with it years ago, then went on to clay. It's been a long time since I'd done either, but a recent trip to Mexico, my home country, touched a nerve. I started painting on wood but soon found myself up to my ears in pulp, which I find freer and more satisfying. I've been at it 10 months and am enjoying the learning curve.

I want to thank Jackie for hosting this fabulous site and Russ for helping me set up this gallery.

Please feel free to email me and comment on these early efforts

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