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Lilia Estrada

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I am self taught.I love using bright colors and creating things that have never been. I paint on wood which absorbs the acrylics i use much faster than using canvas. I work with wood, clay, papier mache and also create two dimensional pieces.
I live in Dallas, Texas and found my style as a painter in novermber, 2004. My dad who is from a town named Tinguindin in Mexico is also an artist but he creates in oil pastels...take care and see you later.....I also do volunteer photography for an online magazine named "East Dallas Times" which gives you the latest news happening in our East Dallas Area. I won as Artist of the year 2011 for a magazine called "Lakewood Advocte" with my submission of acrylic painting of the STate Fair Of Texas. The Painting will be copied onto large Glass ornaments that will be sold to give to nonprofit sites in our area. I am passionate about God/family/art in that exact order...:)

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