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#1 2002-07-04 05:40:52



How do you cover a balloon with papier mache without it collapsing. I sometime am succesful but most of the time the balloon starts to shrivel after I have covered it with several layers of paste and paper. I check to be sure the balloon is not leaking air before I start to cover it.


#2 2002-07-04 12:59:29


Re: balloons

Hi Julie,

The problem is probably changes in temperature. Try to leave the papier mached balloon in the same place, at the same temperature to dry as where you pasted it. If it is left in a cooler place, the air inside the ballon will shrink - and so will the balloon. The same goes for the reverse - if you put it in a warmer place thinking it will quicken the drying, the air inside will expand and crack open your work.

Balloons are fantastic to work with, but you need to move quick. Get the first few layers on as quickly as possible, so that if your balloon does go down, it will be strong enough to work with  without it.

It is a shame when the balloon goes down completely - it is so much fun sticking a pin in it! yikes)



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