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Gallery Survey

#1 2002-06-28 16:20:50


Gallery Survey

Hi All!

Yesterday, I payed a visit to nice lady who owns the local art gallery and asked a few questions.  Her face lit up.  Here are the results......

Q.  Do you accept papier mache' art?
A.  Why, yes.  Do you want to???????

Q.  What are the requirements?
A.  Originality and no copies made from molds, kits or crafts.

Q.  What else do you look for?
A.  Uniqueness in form and style.

Q.  How would you display it?  Do I need a stand?
A.  I provide a shelf or wall space.

Paula  is from The Artisans' Gallery in Enterprise, Alabama and charges only $7.00 per horizontal foot with available spaces ranging from 5' to 13'.  Unbelievable!

She handed me an agreement after the interview and asked if I had time to put something in for the Fourth of July. Embarrased,  I replied that I didn't have anything to spare at this time since I have still had my own display inside the mall.

She doesn't leave her studio very often.  So,  I smiled and asked her to look at some of my recent pieces to see which ones she might like to see in her gallery for future possibilities.  That will give me her true reaction. I also invited her to check out this site and other related mache' sites.  She's not quite computer oriented yet.

Now let's hear about some of your  interviews.



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