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#1 2001-09-18 18:48:32




Hope someone can help me.  My husband and I (for our sins) have to make a witches cauldron for our daughters ballet show at the end of October.

It has to be big enough to hold and hide 2 6yr old children.

We have made the frame and are going to wrap chicken wire round it and we were going to papier mache on top of that.

Do you think that will work okay?  Is the wall paper based one the best one to use - it needs to be done cheaply and stress free if possible !!!!!

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated coz we have never done anything like this before.



#2 2001-10-05 03:33:34


Re: Cauldron!

Hello. The fencing or wiring is not going to be able to hold up the wet paper mache while drying. It's still cheap though.Buy black construction paper at any craft store and tape together around the wiring so the glue or paste will have something to hold onto, which in turn will make the cauldron more sturdy. You can also use elmers glue and water as your pasting substance and strips of newspaper as the casting, it's very sturdy and cheap!


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